absol hell

I'm wintersol and I post stuff here.
This website has such terrible code, it works though so I don't care

What will this be used for??:

me complaining

OK, seriously. This'll have my music, not just boring "wow this is chiptune for the 10000000th damn time music.

I make actual music like that, though does that doesn't really... well, "hit different" even though in my EXTREMELY NICE opinion, those songs sound good.

Here, rather than post boring zzzz "wow a MIDI" music I'll be posting my ultimate shitfest garbage music.

Hopefully it pulls your heartstrings and doesn't put you into cardiac arrest.

Ohoho, that's not all. I'll also be posting writing, and I'll also complain about problems nobody cares about.

Not generic boring shit that you can find at a corner store while the drunk cashier asks why you're buying 5 6-can packs of Pepsi.

That situation? That's more interesting than just boring shit. Different. Different is nice.

I'm really trying too hard now. Whatever, I post weird shit. Whatever I feel like. Fuck you.